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Please read this Disclaimer before proceeding.

KNOWLEDGETUNES is not responsible for the outcome of any extraordinary experiences that may happen while listening to the Studio Sessions. We are not responsible for any accidents, any stops or exits that might have been missed on your transit route, any traffic violations because you get lost in the music and any sore muscles or injuries that are caused by working out too hard while listening to the Studio Sessions. We are not responsible for any blown speakers or blown equipment because of playing the Studio Sessions too loudly and we're not responsible any broken furnaces, holes in the walls or broken furniture while playing the Studio Sessions amongst a large group of friends.  We are only responsible for making you jam!

First and only rule of KNOWLEDGETUNES is: No Disrespect.  This site is all about positive vibes only, its not a "pick up" site and no one is here to "hook up", there are a million other sites for that stuff..hahaha. This site all about spreading the love of music, urban culture and positive movements. We encourage the members of KNOWLEDGETUNES to show a creative side and put up a profile pic and/or a display name that best represents them as individuals. All in good fun....Peace and enjoy the vibes!    

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are mixes done by KNOWLEDGE, just playing tunes and getting lost in the groove! They're good for long trips, working out, back yard bbq's, playing basketball with friends or anything else you want to do while listening to some tunes.  You can save them to your mobile smartphone and iPods & Mp3 players for when you're on the go.  Be sure to register as a member (it's free!) so you can download them and jam!  Be sure to tell your friends too, it's all good!                                                                          





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